by Hired Gun

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released August 24, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Josh Bokemayer
Artwork by Cameron
Logo by Risa Poblano



all rights reserved


Hired Gun Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Intro
White lies, oppression. The ignorant aren't few.
Life is just a facet, there's nothing left to do.
Pretend we're too scared. It's just something in our heads.
Pretend we're okay, because there's nothing left to say.
Track Name: Informant
Scream it at the top of your lungs. Scream for justice, I'm not fooled.
It's good to know that you're better than me, because ignorance is second nature to you.

I've heard it before. Don't want to hear it anymore.
Caught in a web of lies, you're a cheat.

Your mouth's running and running and running.
Run it somewhere else. That shit's not fucking wanted here.
Hide behind your words. Intolerance is second nature to you.

You've said this before. Don't need to hear it anymore.
A traitor is all you'll ever be.

You're subject to another judge.
Your words cut short, your leash is even shorter.
You're tripping over your silence.
In spite of everything there's no one left for you.

I've heard this before. Don't even say another word.
Your silence is the best gift you could give. Informant.
Track Name: The Quiet
The fire keeps burning, and no one seems to be worried.

The quiet. the quiet. the quiet. x2

The wheel keeps turning, and they hide behind false fury.

The quiet. the quiet. the quiet.
Quiet. So quiet. So quiet.

The quiet. The quiet. The quiet. The quiet.

Turn around, you never saw a thing.
Close your eyes so you can keep your conscience clean.
Track Name: Scared Society
Gun for hire, world on fire, I don't need your permission to be free.
Don't look at me like I owe you any gratitude.
There's no excuse for your fucked up attitude.

I'll believe it when I see it: that you're more than just a thief.
I'll believe it when I see it. Just stay the fuck away from me.

Waiting for an answer. Waiting for something that will never come your way.
Such a pity how you still can't see.
"What's wrong with death when it doesn't mean a thing to me?"

I'll believe it when I see it: that you're more than just a thief.
I'll believe it when I see it. Until that time comes, just stay away from me.
Stay the fuck away from me!

Hired gun, you're no more than just a thief.
Mad dog of a scared society.